Tye Bogle has always had a passion for dabbling with hair ever since childhood. That passion wasn’t soon to go away. While at the Hofstra University dorm, styling her peers’ hair was her favorite hobby. She graduated Hofstra with the desire to enter law school. Nonetheless, her appetite for hair styling overcame her career options, and led her to pursue her dreams at another level.

Tye entered cosmetology school against continual advice from her parents and several peers, and went on to obtain her license to style in 2002. Ever since, she has worked at multi-cultural salons, greatly enhancing her versatility in different styles.  Hair nurturing has always been of utmost importance when working with a customer.  Though she spent an extended time working in Manhattan, she never stopped doing hair on the side even out of her home.  It was only a matter of time before Tye would decide to expand her passion into a full-blown venture.

Tye is a people-person.  She has always wanted to mentor young ladies coming up as single parents since the nature of their experience and struggle resembles her own by default.  It is imperative for Tye to show them how a young woman can rise above adverse situation if focused.

The name Salon Taj was conceived in collaboration with Tye’s toddler child, Jayden Anthony, who is also the co-founder of the salon (Anthony is an uncle who passed, who’s name Jayden carries as well). Hence you have Salon Taj.  Giving back to the community is always one of Tye’s top priorities.  Therefore, giving continuation to that cause compelled her to make her services available amidst her own community.

Jayden, bringing joy and inspiration even as a young child, has been a major source of encouragement and motivation for success.  He is very smart and determined.  A leader, not a follower, he exerts the characteristics of a prosperous and well-balanced entrepreneur, despite his tender age.