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Hair Review - Salon Taj

I've been a Salon Taj client for four years. Tye introduced me to her line of human hair products almost 4 months ago. I was immediately impressed with the quality and authenticity of the hair. It matched my hair texture perfectly, so much so that if one does not know me they would not be able to tell I was wearing extensions. I should add that my natural hair does not have a relaxer in it and despite this the extension blends perfectly. The hair is very versatile and can be worn wavy or straight. Tye has dyed my extensions twice in the last 4 months and it has not negatively impacted the quality or durability of the hair. As a professional in a firm where appearance matters as much the work itself, and someone having to interface with clients and potential clients on a day to day basis, I can honestly say I am never worried about client perception in terms if my hair or appearance due to Tye's outstanding product. Tye's installation process should be patented. It is incredibly flat and smooth with no telltale lumps, bumps or gaps. This hair is most definitely not the usual cheap blend marketed to African American for an arm and a leg that fails to last 6 weeks let alone a year.

Tricia Forrest - Project Finance Controls Manager

My review of the SalonTaj extension hair. Where do I begin? I have been a loyal user of this hair for two years now. I was introduced to this hair through my experience as a client of the sister salon, SalonTaj. My entire experience with the weave industry has been through the Salon and through my eyes as a consumer seeing the experiences of those close to me. I began experimenting with the idea of a weave through the ponytail. I was looking for something to prolong a polished look to my hair after my 4 day a week workout routine and my hair wasn’t holding up very well. After I tired of the ponytail look, the staff suggested I try a weave. They explained that this would protect my hair from the daily flat ironing I was doing to try to keep my hair looking fresh and the weave would hold up better against my workout routine. I agreed and asked what type of hair should I use? Never was the SalonTaj hair even suggested to me in the beginning. They recommended a quality known pack hair brand and that is what I used initially. I know this is a review of the hair and not the salon but I need to say that I was loving my weave even with the pack hair due to the weave technique that they use and the quality of products and their sheer skill.
However, after about six months, when I had spent a small fortune buying pack hair every six weeks to have it reinstalled, did the owner Tye speak to me about their proprietary hair. She took the time to explain the difference in quality of the hair and also the cost effectiveness of the hair over time. I must admit I was apprehensive due to the fact I had never put out an initial investment of that size for hair before. But as I stated in my opening, two years later I would never consider using anything else. The hair is so beautiful and natural that I sometimes forget that I have a weave and I feel like this is my hair, if I had been born with hair this beautiful. Lol.
Also, the installation process they use is so good that you can let your man rub his hands over your head without any hesitation. And I’m not sure he is even sure if you don’t tell him.
The salon setting itself is lovely and you feel welcome and comfortable there. But even if you buy the hair to take to your own stylist, it is a worthwhile investment. Better than any high-end bag or shoes you could buy because this is YOU. And I have seen my sister-in-laws who were doing weaves way before I got on board, have lost their edges and the health of their own hair. When I take my weave out, every THREE MONTHS, and reinstall the hair because it lasts me a year, even with coloring, my own hair underneath is healthy and long. Even though it has gone from a perm to a fro. And in the long run, as Tye promised, I have spent less money and less time because I can keep this hair in for three months.
Everything I have said is true and is my personal experience. You will not be disappointed.

Vanita Hackworth
Information systems 

Service Review - Salon Taj

I finally made it go Salon Taj 2 years after it was first recommended by an acquaintance. Right away I was impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the staff especially the owner Tye. I wear weaves exclusively as a means of protection for my natural hair and since I started using the services at Salon a Taj my natural hair has been restored to its original healthy state. Tye's system is gentle on my hair which is always treated before an install. Her unique system which involves braiding the hair into a latticework pattern ensures no undue stress is placed on any particular section of hair. This latticework pattern also ensures effective washing of my hair as well as the extensions. The install is flat and natural looking so my extensions in fact look like my natural hair. I am constantly complimented on my hair as a result if the services at Salon Taj..

Tricia Forrest - Project Finance Controls Manager

I am always more than SATISFIED when I leave Salon Taj. I’ve went through so many types of extensions/salons and spent so much money looking for hair that would look and feel like its my own only to find out after the first wash, the hair tangles and sheds and is not what was advertised!!!!
My sister suggested that I try Tye a couple years ago and I never went anywhere else since then. Every time I go to the salon, its very neat, clean and just feels relaxing. I recommended a couple of my girls and they love it and continue to see Tye. Even the ones that swore their extensions were better lol.

I get compliments on my hair ALL the time. My extensions are manageable and don’t shed. If it does, it’svery minimal. Sometimes people don’t know its extensions and its because her installation and styling technique is on point!! The best part of it all is that its lasts for a very long time which means I save a lot more money. Not only do I leave with beautiful hair, my own natural hair has grown so much and is healthy. When I first started with Tye, my hair was damaged.
One last thing, I’m a union tradeswoman and I work outdoors 5 days a week. I wear a hard hat all day and myhair is usually in a ponytail. The reason I’m stating this is because at the end of the day and even the week, my extensions still look fabulous!! I could go on and on but I’m pretty sure you get the point lol!!

Tanya Cunningham 

On Nov 2, 2014, at 11:02 AM, antoinette wrote:

I came to Tye back in January due to my hair being damage. Tye nurse my hair back to a healthier look. With Tye it's not all about the money it's about the hair care. It's times I ask her to put something in my hair abs if she feel it was not right for me she would suggest what to use and what would be better for my type of hair. I also promote her hair line due to it being cost effective but it looks so natural. I work in a hospital as a secretary and when Tye did my hair when I went to work my coworker notice the difference in my hair all good complements when Tye do your hair it don't look like a weave.


ByBRANDI D WALKERon February 4, 2016
I LOVE, LOVE THIS HAIR!!! It's so natural and wears very well for wet, curly styles and straight styles! This is ABSOLUTELY the best hair purchase thus far!! Many people don't realize that it isn't my natural hair! And there is very minimal shedding and doesn't become tangled while washing my hair!! I usually don't write reviews but needed to share my experience with this fierce investment!

Thank you Salon Taj for giving me the confidence and flexibility to wear my hair in many styles!!


The thing is I really didn't know about quality hair however I was fortune because this quality of the hair was amazing. The hair was soft and looked natural.  The hair was soft and looked natural when she used it I could not tell the difference it was actually magical. Lastly I was also very pleased with the packaging which made for a perfect gift. Edward B

If you want the best, the highest quality and a superior look, then you are looking at the best hair line that exist. I bought this hair direct from SalonTaj for my lady and she is a new woman. We are ready for 2016.



Tye Bogle does amazing work, and the fact that she is so friendly and personable is wonderful and welcoming. After having my hair done, I feel a renewed confidence in myself, and that is an amazing feeling to have. Tye, and the SalonTaj crew are great, and Tye's work is stunning! After my first visit to the salon, I knew that it wouldn't be my last, and now it is exactly one year later, and Tye has a dedicated customer in me. From the moment you arrive at SalonTaj, you can be assured that you'll be in a happy, relaxed environment, and that your hair is in excellent hands. The Tye Bogle Hair collection is the most amazing hair ever! I feel so confident with it, I get numerous compliments from coworkers, friends and family. This hair never sheds, and even after it is colored it still remains soft and tangle free. Not dry and brittle like most hair feels! This is best hair purchase ever! 

Thanks again,


I've been using the Tye Bogle Hair Collection for 3 years and I have to say this is the best hairline I've ever purchased. No shedding, no tangles and the hair lasts for years. I have like 3 different types of hair that I've bought over the 3 years and I love them all. The stylist herself, Tye is awesome and very professional. Couldn't ask for a better stylist!!!